Student Resources. 

Use this page to access links to some student resources. Simply Click the link to take you to a page. All pages are password protected. You will be provided with the password during your training course by the educator.  
Please note: Passwords have a 7 day expireation period and are only valid for this time. 
Terms and Conditions or Student Resources 
Student Resources are only available to persons who have attended an Approved Training Solutions in Hair ltd Course. 
The contents of all resources and information are intended as a guide to Training Solutions in Hair ltd education, not as replacement – The items within these secure pages of this web site , the manuals and all images in it are the property of Training Solutions in Hair ltd and are subject to copy write laws. These resources, manuals and images should not be reproduced in any way without the explicit written permission of Training Solutions in Hair ltd . Reproduction and sharing of these resources could result in legal proceedings. 
Training Solutions in Hair ltd accepts no liability whatsoever for the actions that result of using the course notes. 
Training Solutions in Hair ltd reserves the right to remove, amend and restrict access to these items without prior notice. 
Students are given a password during relevant training courses and have a maximum of 7 days to access the resources. after such time the password will become invalid. 
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